2017 Fire Burn ArticleIf you wish to report someone who has violated these conditions, please contact the Madison County Fire department to determine if a violation has occurred. If a violation has occurred, the appropriate corrective actions will be taken. 
If this is a life threatening situation, please contact 911.

Illegal outdoor burning, otherwise referred to as open burning, of certain materials is illegal in the state of Kentucky. Open burning impacts human health by depressing the central nervous system, which is especially harmful to children and adults with respiratory diseases. It also very seriously impacts the environment; not only by means of pollution, but the Kentucky Division of Forestry estimates that 35-40 percent of wildfires in Kentucky start when open burning gets out of control. 

Before you decide to start an outdoor fire,it is recommended that you contact the local dispatch to inform them of the situation first. The Madison County non-emergency dispatch number is 859-624-4776.

If you need to report an active illegal burn, please contact the fire department immediately at 859-624-4774. If you're reporting a violation that has already occured, fill out the Report a Problem or Request a Service form below.

What is Legal/Illegal Burning?

Legal burning activities include:

  • Fires set for recreational purposes (campfires, bonfires)
  • Small fires set for comfort heat at construction sites
  • Fires set for cooking
  • Burning of natural growth disturbed as part of land clearing activities
  • Trees/tree limbs downed by storms 

Illegal burning activities include:

  • Trash: nearly everything found in household trash is illegal to burn
  • Tires, plastic, rubber, coated wire, insulated wire, & foam insulation
  • Agricultural items: bedding material, mulch, hay, treated or painted lumber, fence posts, & buildings
  • Grass clippings (produce excessive smoke)
  • Any chemical containers
  • Construction/demolition materials

When burning approved materials, use common sense to locate fires away from nearby residences or businesses. Do NOT locate fires near streams, sinkholes, or under/near utility lines. 

Please remember that when a Madison County Burn Ban is issued, ALL open burning is PROHIBITED. 

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