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Marijuana Diversion Program

The Madison County Marijuana Diversion Program may allow your charges to be dismissed upon successful completion of the program.The program consists of highly effective, evidence-based personal responsibility education program. The curriculum is specially designed to focus on the reasons why we do the things we do, the potential consequences of continued misbehavior and the solutions to many of the problems that brought you to this critical crossroad.

This process is based on the concept that emotions and behaviors result from engrained thinking processes; and that it is possible for people to modify their mental processes to achieve different ways of feeling and behaving. The program can either be completed online or through a home-study booklet.  Upon successful completion of the program, your case will be dismissed. 

Download the Marijuana Diversion Application

If you need further information, you may contact Tara O’Donnell at 859-624-4777, ext. 0.


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