2017 911 Consolidated ArticleOur state of the art 911 Consolidated Dispatch Center provides support and assistance to all public safety agencies operating within Madison County. The Consolidated center is operated by the Madison County E-911 Public Safety Board comprised of members appointed by the Madison County Fiscal Court, City of Richmond and the City of Berea. The center is funded with contributions from the Madison County Ficsal Court, City of Richmond, CIty of Berea, a land fee of $3.50 per telephone line and funds from the State of Kentucky 911 Services Board.The Center also works with EMA/CSEPP personnel, in the event of a Haz-Mat incident, or a community emergency. Madison County 911 employees 22 full time 911 dispatchers, 2 part time dispatchers, E-911 Director and E-911 Assistant Director. Dispatchers must complete all required training at the Department of Criminal Justice, as well as remain CPR certified.

Dispatchers are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In any emergency situation, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Our combined center is one of Kentucky’s premiere dispatch centers and provides the citizens of Madison County with the quickest possible response to any kind of emergency. Requests for emergency services in Madison County which include law enforcement, fire suppression, and emergency medical services, are received at one central location. Those requests are then prioritized, and the appropriate agency is dispatched.


Voting Members

Chief Tim Gray - Madison County Fire Department (Chairman of the Board)

Chief Sam Kirby - Richmond Fire Department (Vice Chairman of the Board)

Chief Eric Scott - Berea Police Department (Secretary of the Board)

Sheriff Mike Coyle - Madison County Sheriff's Department

Chief Rodney Richardson - Richmond Police Department

Chief Shawn Sandlin - Berea Fire Department

Coroner Jimmy Cornelison - Madison County Coroner's Office

Jeremy Hamm - Kentucky State Police

Ron Jackson, EMS Director - Madison County EMS


Technical Advisor (non-voting)

Gerald Tatum - City of Richmond

Susan Meeks - City of Berea

Dr Paula Maionchi - Madison County Fiscal Court

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