2017 Animal Home ArticleWhat services does the Animal Shelter offer?
The Madison County Animal Shelter dispatches Animal Control Officers who pick up stray canines as well as address possible violations of the state law and county ordinance regarding canines. We house dogs and cats for adoption as well as stray dogs looking for their owners. The staff can answer questions about animals, and serve as informational speakers for groups on a limited basis.

What are the general restrictions on dogs and cats in Madison County?
The County Canine Ordinance is a nuisance type ordinance. A verifiable complaint can be filed with an Animal Control Officer about canines causing a nuisance while off of the owners premises. Canines observed off of their owners property while an Animal Control Officer is addressing a variable complaint can be impounded.

Claiming fees will be charged to the owners of an impounded canine. The Cities of Richmond and Berea may have additional restrictions, but only County ordinance can be enforced by Madison County Animal Control Officers.

Felines are NOT regulated by county ordinance, therefore, pickup or the impounding of felines is NOT a function of Animal Control. State Statute also requires felines to be rabies vaccinated.

All canines are required to have a county dog license. Kentucky State Statute requires all canines to be Rabies vaccinated. For this reason, canines must wear both tags.



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