2017 IT Home ArticleThe Information Technology Department provides Information Technology Delivery Services and Geographic Information Services to approximately 650 users working in 23 Departments or Agencies located in 26 municipal buildings. The Information Technology Department supports enterprise-wide municipal systems including, applications for Finance, E-911, Emergency Medical Services and Geographical Information Systems, E-Mail and Document Management Systems along with providing disaster recovery services and system security.

We work daily to provide County Employees with technology that leverages Fiscal Courts investment in a County Wide Technology Infrastructure. By sharing our technology resources to other County Agencies and Departments we create an opportunity to provide cost saving opportunities for Fiscal Court that allows them to continue to invest in the infrastructure for the improvement of services all over Madison County.

County Technology resources are now accessible to County Employees in the many facilities that Madison County Fiscal Court owns and the resources are available on employee mobile devices. Providing information to the employee wherever they may be is essential to having an efficient workforce for the citizens of Madison County.

We are committed to continuing to align Information Technology with the Madison County Fiscal Court's goals and objectives and provide solutions to reduce the overall County costs on IT expenditures and optimize the current technology services for value and agility. Continuing to leverage County IT resources will continue to reduce cost and provide better services to all County Residents. 

The County website continues to be enhanced, under the guidance of the Information Technology Department, as a tool for residents, employees, business owners and visitors of Madison County. We hope to be a portal for business owners, residents and visitors providing a one stop location for information gathering on how to Live, Learn and Grow in Madison County!

2017 IT Home2 Article

Our Mission is to provide innovative, reliable technology infrastructure for the Departments and Agencies we serve by bringing value added solutions that increase services, reduce operational cost and increase efficiency of the many employees we serve. We will strive to provide a secure, reliable and flexible environment that will be expandable to the ever changing needs of County Government.

Work to be an effective force in using technology to support the ongoing mission and goals of the Madison County Fiscal Court and the Agencies we serve by always staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends and continuing to enhance the services offered to the employees we serve that enchances the ease of access for the Citizens of Madison County. 

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