2017 IT AC46 ArticleAccess Channel 377 offers a daily scroll of important County information including upcoming County Events, Live Fiscal Court Meetings along with Community and Non-Profit events and replays of the latest Fiscal Court Meetings. Access Channel 377 can be viewed on Madison County Cable change three hundred seventy seven (337) by subscribers to Spectrum Cable. Live meetings and events are now streamed through Facebook LIVE. Visit our Facebook page at to see all of our post to Facebook and watch our Facebook Live Stream of Fiscal Court Meetings.

There are five scheduled 30 minute Public Service Announcement Blocks where various informational videos are played informing County residents about different services and safety notices. A Banner Crawl is ran 24/7 at the bottom of the screen providing information about Jury Trials and other various information. The most current Fiscal Court meeting is replayed every day at 2:00AM, 7:00AM, Noon, 4:30PM, 7:00PM and 10:00PM. Fiscal Court replays can also be watched on our youtube channel by visiting

What information can be submitted?
Information about County Departments or Agencies 
Community Events
Non-Profit Events
Additional information can be approved for submission by the County Judge/Executive and Information Technology Director.

How to submit information
You may submit your information using our Online Submission Form Include your content along with the dates you would like the information displayed and any other information you may want displayed. If you have any flyers or pictures please attach them to the email. If you have any questions or concerns you may call Information Technology at 859-408-2440.

If content is sent without images or backgrounds, Madison County Information Technology will provide basic images and backgrounds that fit the event. Madison County Information Technology will make every effort to ensure that the information posted is accurate and timely.

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