2017 Animal CODE ArticleThe Madison County Fiscal Court enforces County ordinances and State laws relating to domestic animals for the protection of both the human and animal populations of Madison County. Our goal is to promote responsible pet ownership, as well as be receptive to the general public and allow people to address their concerns if one feels that an individual has violated our Animal Code Ordinance(s).

Madison County is responsible for overseeing ordinances that pertain to animals. Stray animals, dangerous animals, and animal cruelty reports are just a few of the calls that our Animal Control Team considers to be a high priority.

Barking Dogs
Usually, problems with barking dogs can be resolved without resorting to the police or court action. If you are having a problem with a barking dog, please consider the following options:

  • Talk to your neighbor: Your neighbor may not know that their noisy dog is a disturbance, so give them the benefit of the doubt. Doing someone a favor by informing them is the neighborly thing to do, and your problem could potentially be solved by having a brief conversation with them.
  • Putting it in writing: If the problem still continues after talking to your neighbor, write them a letter reminding them of the situation. Make copies of the letter to keep for your records. If you eventually wind up in court regarding this issue, the judge will be more sympathetic if you first made at least some effort to work the situation out informally. 
  • Begin the legal process: Madison County Fiscal Court understands that noise disturbances can disrupt the enjoyment of family activities and the peace of mind at your home. If you have taken the steps necessary by following the options listed above and your situation has not been resolved, please fill out the Report a Problem or Request Services form below to begin the corrective action process.

***If you wish to report a barking dog in our Report a Problem or Request Service form below, please select the option 'Nuisance Complaint' so your issue can be handled in a timely manner and by the correct department.***  

Stray Animals

Our Animal Control Team serves the public by responding to and investigating animal complaints regarding stray dogs only in Madison County. This service is provided under the authority of local and state regulations. Stray animals could also be the result of a lost pet, and one should contact the animal shelter to report a stray dog, or for inquiries on lost pets. Use the Report a Problem or Request Services form below to address your issues/concerns.

Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty refers to the infliction of suffering or harm to an animal of any kind. This includes abuse, neglect, abandonment, fighting, and outright torture of any animal. The state of Kentucky classifies animal cruelty as a class D felony, and Madison County seeks the appropriate puinishment for such crimes. Those convicted of animal cruelty may face fines, imprisonment, or both.


  If you have an emergency or priority call that requires an immediate response, contact our animal shelter at 859-624-4744.

To report a stray, dangerous animal, or animal cruelty, please use the

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