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Oct 31, 2022
Read the Full Press ReleaseBroadband Press Release Broadband ExpansionMadison County is working in partnership with All Points Broadband to help fund construction of a fiber-to-the-home…

calculator 1680905 640Madison County has 3 separate taxing jurisdictions within it; the Madison County Jurisdiction, Richmond City Jurisdiction and Berea City Jurisdiction. Madison County has a 1% Occupational tax for any work conducted outside the Richmond City Jurisdiction and Berea City Jurisdiction; in other words, the Madison County Jurisdiction is defined as areas outside either city limits. You can use our online map to see if the location of any work is considered in the Madison County Jurisdiction, online map.

A Madison County Business License is required to have a Madison County Occupational Tax Account, if you do not have a Madison County Business License you can apply online by going to the Madison County Planning and Development website before filing your Occupational Taxes.

Madison County Occupational Taxes are required to be filed if you are conducting business anywhere in Madison County that is NOT located inside the city limits of Richmond or Berea. Occupational Taxes for the Madison County Jurisdiction are regulated by Ordinance 06-18



 The online method is our preferred method of filing.
 To file your Net Profit, Occupational Tax or Reconciliation forms online or by mail Click Here.
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