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Oct 31, 2022
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Household Hazardous Waste - 2023

Madison County residents may dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) materials for free on Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 9 AM - 3 PM.  Bring your HHW items to Road Department South, located at 208 Clarksville Lane, Richmond, KY.  Workers will be on-site to unload the items for you, so we ask that you please stay in your vehicle.

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Madison County Team Earns National Achievement Award for ‘Tracks: a Digital Revolution Platform Development’

RICHMOND, Ky. (May 31, 2023)– Madison County Government and their ‘Tracks: digital revolution and paperless government platform’ has been recognized with an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents.

As part of its established performance-based culture, Madison County Government created a digital platform that has greatly enhanced employee operational performance and removed barriers to citizen communication. “Tracks” reflects Madison County’s commitment to continuous process improvement.  This technological outcome of a continuous improvement philosophy constantly finds ways to improve daily processes through innovation, technology, and improved workflows and eliminating the reliance on paper systems.  “Tracks” collects, organizes, and displays data, removing the arbitrary nature of selecting areas of improvement.  Once targets have been identified, processes improvements can be built using Tracks to make data driven decisions. Operational improvement is delivered through the digitization of document processes, centralization of documents, multiple-participant automated workflows, and the creation of operational oversight system.

The system was developed internally by employees to make their jobs more efficient for both themselves and citizens. Whether at the employee level where the processes are performed, the management level where processes are being monitored and managed, or the executive level where needs are highlighted through data and informed course correction can be made, Tracks has improved daily operations, gained efficiency, saved money, and improved citizen experience. A system created by county employees for county operations. Operational systems have been developed to include, but not limited to: Animal Tracks, Business Tracks, Election Tracks, HR Tracks, Mow Tracks, Road Tracks, Snow Tracks, Tax Tracks, and several other portals.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team for being recognized on a National stage for their outstanding work. I see it every day and the impact our IT department has had on the efficiency and cost-savings of our county government. They are second to none and are now being recognized Nationally for their innovation and improvements on county operations. I say it all the time that I wish the community and citizens really knew what the people who work for County government do every day to enchance the quality of life here and how hard they all work. This is a great example of our innovation, use of technology and how our team is making Madison County better every day for every citizen,” said Madison County Judge/Executive Reagan Taylor.

Each year, NACo’s Achievement Awards are given in 18 categories that reflect the vast, comprehensive services counties provide. The categories include children and youth, criminal justice and public safety, county administration, information technology, health, civic engagement and more. Launched in 1970, the program is designed to recognize innovation in county government. Each nominated program is judged on its own merits and not against other applications.

“The Achievement Awards demonstrate excellence in county government and the commitment to serve our residents every day,” said NACo President Denise Winfrey. “This year’s winners represent some of the most innovative and collaborative efforts we have seen in over 50 years of presenting these awards.”

Madison County was the only Kentucky county selected for an achievement award this year and among counties like Miami-Dade County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, and Palm Beach County for achievement in Information Technology.

Because this digital platform was developed internally by the County employees, the County has offered the platform to both of our city partners at the City of Berea and City of Richmond so they could take advantage of this digital platform and utilize the systems developed my Madison County at no cost as a good partner if they’d like to take advantage of the award winning system.

For more information about NACo’s Achievement Awards, click here.


kaco stage

Taylor Joins County Leaders to Discuss Opioid Solutions

First meeting of the Opioid Solutions Leadership Network draws participants from across the U.S.

OXFORD, N.C. – Madison County Judge Executive, Reagan Taylor this week joins a select group of county leaders for a two-day peer exchange in Granville and Vance Counties, N.C. hosted by the National Association of Counties (NACo), in partnership with Vital Strategies. The meeting marks the first of two in-person meetings this year for the county leaders named to NACo’s Opioid Solutions Leadership Network.

The Opioid Solutions Leadership Network assists counties in effectively investing opioid settlement funds to save lives and address the needs of people with substance use disorders. Through events like the peer exchange, the network provides a platform for county leaders to share knowledge and examine potential solutions to achieve local goals.

“It is an absolute honor to have been selected to serve on this National workgroup and I know Madison County is the real beneficiary. I am excited to learn from peers across the country as we all face the challenges from this drug epidemic that have impacted our communities, families, workforce and schools. I believe that we will see the greatest impact on our community when we leverage and invest our opioid settlement funds in a thoughtful, intentional and strategic way to have longstanding and generational solutions. It must be a coordinated plan to maximize the benefits for our community,” said Taylor.

The peer exchange focused on three primary themes:

  • Delivering evidence-based treatment in rural communities
  • Coordinating services to create a comprehensive system of care, and
  • Utilizing opioid settlement funds to implement sustainable improvements.

Participants engaged with national thought leaders and local practitioners. With a vision toward efficient investment of settlement resources, participants discussed pathways to overcome obstacles and pursue new opportunities.

“Being a part of this leadership network will enable us to collaborate and share best evidence-based practice to use our settlement funds to have the greatest impact on our community. This peer exchange can enable us to take advantage of countless ideas and solutions that have proven to be effective across the Country. I’m no expert, but I like to surround myself with people who are. This gives us an opportunity to learn from others and that is always a good thing,” said Taylor.

For more information about the Opioid Solutions Leadership Network, click here. To visit NACo’s Opioid Solutions Center, click here.


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Broadband Press Release

Broadband Expansion
Madison County is working in partnership with All Points Broadband to help fund construction of a fiber-to-the-home broadband network to bring internet access to approximately 5,554 unserved residents and businesses in rural parts of our County. All Points Broadband will be using the collected data to begin to apply for grants on behalf of Madison County to support construction of the all fiber network to expand broadband access to every citizen in Madison County.




Location Eligibility

  • Approximately 5,554 addresses are included in the project.

  • If an address is currently served by another wired provider (such as Spectrum, AT&T, Windstream or Metronet) today, it is not eligible for this project. 

 Lookup Tool

  • Residents and businesses can determine whether their address is included in the project by registering on the Madison Connect Lookup Tool - Powered by All Points Broadband.

  • If the result of the address is ‘Your Zone: Madison County KY’, the address is included in the project.

Project Timeline

  • Madison Connect Lookup Tool validation survey (EXTENDED).

  • Network design presentation September 2022

  • Determine financial investment of ARPA funds in September 2022.

Service Details

  • All Points Broadband will notify residents and businesses through their marketing channels leading up to service availability.

  • The monthly price of service is expected to be similar to what is offered from other cable and fiber-optic internet service providers. Final pricing will be established before construction begins and will be communicated to interested customers.

  • Most installations will be above ground and will follow the path of the existing electric service.

  • No resident or business in the project area is required to adopt this service for their property.

  • A 12-month commitment from service turn up is required to purchase service. Madison County Government is not responsible for providing broadband services, does not collect broadband service fees, and has no authority to determine or revise fees set by service providers.


Project Background

The County plans to begin submitting for grant applications in Late Summer.



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