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Do You Need a Madison County Business/Occupational License?

A Madison County Business/Occupational License is needed if you are conducting Business anywhere in Madison County that is NOT located inside the city limits of the City of Richmond or the City of Berea. If you are unsure if the location is subject to a Madison County Business/Occupational License please contact the Madison County Occupational Tax Administrator Office.

How to apply for a Madison County Business/Occupational License?

Step 1:
Read over the Madison County, Kentucky Business/Occupational License Ordinance for the all requirements of having a Madison County Business/Occupational License.

Step 2:
Please Complete the Madison County Business/Occupational License Form.
Have the following information ready:
Business Name, Business Physical Address, Type of Business, Number of Employees, Federal Tax ID and Social Security Number

Step 3:
Submit your Payment and Application to the Madison County Occupational Tax Administrator at the following address:

Madison County Finance
PO Box 547
Richmond, KY 40476

What happens next?
After the Occupational Tax Administrator Receives your Application and Payment you will be mailed the appropriate tax forms that will need to be filed with Madison County for Occupational Taxes as regulated in the  Madison County Business/Occupational Tax License Ordinance.

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