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Madison County has 3 separate taxing jurisdictions within in it. Madison County has 1% Occupational tax for any work outside either city's limits. You can file you Madison County Occupational Taxes Online using the forms below:

File Forms Online:
Reconciliation of License Fee Withheld
Net Profit License Fee Return
Employer's Return of License Fee Withheld Quarterly 2017
Employer's Return of License Fee Withheld Monthly 2017

If work is performed within either city's limits then your business is not subject to the Madison County Tax. All taxes should be paid to the appropriate jurisdiction where the work is being performed. You will never pay occupational taxes to more than one jurisdiction for the same work. Madison County tax is due ONLY when work is done outside either city's limits.

For Madison County the Occupational License Fees are made up of Payroll Withholding and year end Net Profits. The payroll withholding should be withheld from paychecks and submitted by the employer, usually on a quarterly basis. The forms you will need in order to file your taxes are available online.

The Employer will be responsible for filing on time, to avoid penalties & interest, EVEN if there is NO activity in the county that quarter.

The Net Profit tax is to be filed yearly on the business income. Net Profits are due by April 15th for most businesses that file on a calendar year. All the information needed to complete the form will be found on your Federal Income Tax return that is filed with the IRS. A form must be filed even if there was no activity for that year.

**If you file a Federal Extension, then you will be responsible for sending a copy of it to the Madison County Occupational Tax Administrator by April 15th to help avoid penalties and interest. This is true even if no tax is anticipated **

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